Pack Breakables With Plastic Food Wrap

As some of you may know I moved into my own condo last year. While packing my dishes and glassware, I ran out of packing tape. Since it was nearly 2AM and no store near me was open. I wanted to continue packing so I started scavenging through drawers, closets and kitchen cabinets in hopes to find a roll of pacing tape. I was about to give up when noticed the 8 rolls of plastic food wrap that I bought a while back from costco but had hardly ever used.

Staring at the rolls I had an “idea!” moment where I thought of using plastic wrap instead of tape to pack. It not only worked great, but made me wonder why I hadn’t been doing this all along. In a few hours I had wrapped breakables like plates, glasses, vases, candlesticks, spices, and even used it to protect clothes that had beads and sequin in shrink-wrap-style. It even made items fit in boxes better and I ended up saving tons of money.

Plastic Wrap for packing

Here are a few pics to illustrate how you can use plastic wrap to pack for a move.


IMG_5323 IMG_5324 IMG_5328

Have you stretched plastic wrap beyond the kitchen for similar uses? Would love to know!




Happy 2015

Happy new year! I took most of 2014 off from blogging to heal and take care of myself and feel revived from having done so.  I have missed being here and look forward to catching up with those of you who still visit from time time, those who have patiently waited to hear back from me, and the many many of you that continued to support me. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


I have lots to share with you!

Here’s to a great 2015 together. xoxo

Thanksgiving Table Decor : Rustic-Glam Edition


Happy (almost) Thanksgiving! While food takes center stage on TG, a pretty table is a must. Is that where all the action happens anyway? So add a couple of thoughtful decorating details to your place settings that elevate the experience for everyone. Here are a couple of tips that you can easily recreate in your homes.





Original_Manvi-Drona-Hidalgo-Winter-Picnic-Flowers-Close_s3x4.jpg.rend.hgtvcom.1280.1707  Original_Manvi-Drona-Hidalgo-Winter-Picnic-Table-Setting-Placecard_s3x4.jpg.rend.hgtvcom.1280.1707



1-3: Created by Manvi for BrightBazaar

4&5: Created by Manvi for HGTV

6&7: Created by Manvi for HGTV, Photography by SweetTea Photography 

Deck the Halls: Holiday Decorating Tips

Halloween is just around the corner, which means it will be Thanksgiving, and Christmas before we know it. Already, department stores are sewn with the warming scent of cinnamon and decorations for this holiday season are adorning window displays. By now, most of you know if you are traveling for the holidays or staying home to host. If you’re planning on hosting the family for Christmas, there are some preparations that you can make for a comfortable, magical nook that could tempt even Santa Claus to linger for a mulled wine. It’s time to make your winter wonderland. Here are simple steps to create that perfect holiday feel while staying stress-free and keeping spirits bright.

Clear out the clutter

Before hanging the decorations and sending out the invites for the mulled wine mixer, you need to make sure your living space is as inviting as a house made of gingerbread. Christmas is a great excuse to round on all those outstanding chores. Give away surplus ornaments; they’re just gathering dust. Hire a carpet cleaner to revitalize your rugs. Paint that flaking door frame, and have the chimney swept in preparation for gathering around the fireplace.

Nail the tree

It’s the centerpiece decoration of the festive season, so don’t neglect to start the search or your perfect tree as early as possible. Real fir trees do smell divine, but their needles shed everywhere. If you don’t want to be vacuuming daily, consider going for high quality pre-decorated Christmas trees, available at stores like Tesco, which offers a wide range of pre-decorated Christmas trees.

Become a Christmas elf

There’s nothing like filling the long, cold, wintry evenings with a sense of purpose, and Christmas is the perfect goal to set. Make a simple, beautiful wreath with little more than wire, fir branches and a pair of pliers. Trace delicate silver snowflakes onto an organza runner to drape over the Christmas table.  Knit some thick, woolly stockings to hang from the fireplace, or make the ultimate Christmas pudding and stash it in the freezer.

A little extra

If your guests are leaving their homes behind to visit over Christmas, make their stay a delight with a few extra comforts to make them feel welcome. Stock the bathroom with fluffy towels, luxurious hand moisturizer and spare toiletries. Leave a scented candle and a stack of reading materials by the bedside. And the golden rule? Make more than one TV available to avoid disagreements on what holiday show/movies to watch are resolved easily and without frowny faces. Of course, at the most wonderful time of the year all that really matters is being with loved-ones. While getting everything spick, span and sparkly is a fun diversion, if your garlands wilt or the turkey gets cremated, remember not to take things too seriously. Stock up on ingredients for your fav holiday beverages to keep eggnogs flowing.

Small Space Kitchens Dos


Essential tips to maximizing storage in a very small kitchen.

- Base units play a particularly important part in organizing storage space.
- Additional space by installing a peninsula on end one of the kitchen counter or below the built-in kitchen island.

- Cabinets to the ceiling allow for more storage

- Create an inventory of items and plan storage and function-space for everything in the kitchen.

- Pull-through slides are ideal for islands because they allow drawers to be opened from either side. Some specialty slides allow drawers to extend beyond a full extension.




DP_Andreas-Charalambous-neutral-contemporary-kitchen-blue-light_h_lg DP_Christopher-Grubb-contemporary-white-kitchen-countertops_3x4_lg DP_Design-Development-white-contemporary-kitchen-appliances_v_lg HHBN107_view-of-kitchen-eclectic-retro_s4x3_lg  HPBRS412H_modern-kitchen-breakfast-bar_3x4_lg original_atl-decorators-show-house-family-retreat-kitchen_4x3_lg

Studio dwelling


Less than ten days away from moving into my teeny studio condo and more than three-quarters of my current one-bedroom still to pack, I am slowly coming to terms with the reality of it all.




I have toooo much stuff that I don’t organize properly so I end up never finding things when I need them and then end never hardly using them. I often fantasize about a clutter-free, super-organized, everything-is-where-it-should-be living space but, truth be told, I wish someone else would do it for me.


Inspired by strategies to de-clutter over on AT, I hope to change this as I move into my new digs. Determined to live large in a small studio that feels uncluttered, efficient, and inspiring, my plan is to divide the space into little functional zones.


For instance, I love the idea of having a coffee bar. Coffee is such a big part of my daily routine and it would save so much time (and $$) to make my own espresso drinks  everyday. Give my coffee sets, espresso maker, and specialty coffee beans the love they deserve.


Another must-do is to give my bookcases a makeover and style them better. I also really like the idea of having in this setting instead of the living area or bedroom.

I am also toying with the idea of a pendant swing for additional seating which seems like a great way to reduce the number of furniture pieces competing for floor space.





You guys, I am bursting with ideas for my place. Just need to stop procrastinating packing and the actual move…wish me luck!




via: AT

living large in small spaces


It has been a while since I hung out here. Just so much going on and whenever I do have time to blog, a million other urgent priorities/interruptions steal my time. I cant remember the last time I didnt feel guilty about browsing through shelter mags… Well, now I have a reason, and a good one too. My lease is up for renewal soon and I am on the hunt for a more affordable place to call home. I have yet to find a place that I like, is comfortable, has lots of natural light, updated and fits my teeny budget, and I absolutely despise moving, but on the brighter side, I am excited to decorate! Loving these great ideas for living large in small spaces.



small spaces : living - mochatini 45eaa265f56dbfe8b8a0335d5bcf4c54 59b7f35fcdc2add5d5f58758f13527e0 84ec387c2632bbfdd117e074b20eb134   c7290a4a0d81b41b3c3716a84733c82d Click-Pic-for-33-Small-Apartment-Decorating-Ideas-Colorful-Cushions-and-Plants home-updates-01

Wake me up when its all over

A sun-loving, beach-bum tropical gal in me has nothing love to about this damp cooold- wind-chills-below-freezing-weather. The skin burns from the 60plus mile wind is far more painful than any sunburn I have ever experienced. I pretty much live in my ski-jacket, and have debated wearing ski pants to work.

bedroom-accentart rue-mad-nicolechen-bedroom-mochatini ruemad-bedroom-zen-mochatini

Except, one thing.

04-23-13-whyitworks-darkhues-2 lonny-goldmural-bedroom-mochatini rue-pinterst-canopybed-mochatini

It gives me the biggest reason to spend more time at home. More time to snuggle up with my pup, curl up in warm comfy bedding, read a book (ok, that’s a lie), watch back-to-back movies, and sip cider. Even organize my bedroom, plan to get new pillows and sheets, put away the mountains of clothes piled up on the chair, use my dyson more frequently, (like, everyday), possibly invest in a better memory foam mattress to help with my back pain, turn up the zen feel in my bedroom and turn into a winter-hibernation cave.

lonny-art-bedroo-mochatini peacockpavillions-maryam-mochatini

Or something like that.

So, it turns out, staying in does have its benefits. One for silver linings playbook? I think yes!

ps: Happy 2014!!

images: Rue mag and Lonny. last image is of a bedroom in morocco. a boutique hotel, peacock pavillions, in marrakech by maryam