From Scratch – Art of My Heart

New York based Monaco artist Caroline Bergonzi believes art can heal. For her “ is both a daily exploration within of the mystery of life, and an act of love.” On May 1, Caroline Bergonzi revealed her latest series of paintings in New York.

After years of painting symbolic images with a recurring concentric effect, of circles in squares and squares in circles, Caroline decided to explore the concept of mandalas, the intriguing traditional images known especially as a Tibetan art, where they are made of colorful sand and infinite patience.

FROM SCRATCH is her own new, spiritual and graphic exploration through illusions, beauty and other ornaments, towards authenticity and pure power, as she limits her palette to black (on white). Opposites meet, spar and clash. FROM SCRATCH also refers to the wide range of techniques she uses: black acrylic and Chinese ink, treated in thick or transparent layers, smoothly brushed or scratched with a pointy knife.

Mantra - From Scratch


Growth - From Scratch


Genesis - From Scratch


Flux - From Scratch


If you are in the New York area, From Scratch is on display at the Arium, Meat Packing District, NY May 1-31 2008. Ten percent of all sales are donated to support Tibetan Arts. View more paintings by Caroline Bergonzi and event pictures here.


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