Tea time – Teapots

I’m a little teapot. Short and stout….

Ah Teapots! I have a tiny obsession for teapots. I just love collecting teapots from everywhere. Their use is so global. Almost every corner of the world has their unique design of teapots.  Here are this weeks finds.

Ornate Moroccan teapot from Red Colander’s photostream on Flickr.

Nambu Hoala from MOMA

Cast Iron from MOMA

Anna Kraitz LUST Tea Pot from Huset-Shop.

Sagaform found at Huset-Shop.

Check out a similar one Pause Teapot from Crate and Barrel here.

And isn’t this one gorgeous? Camille from Crate and Barrel. Blue and white duo are so sophisticated.

Taken from Christopher Proudlove’s collection on Flickr.

Glass set at William Sonoma

More soon.:)

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  1. I have a teapot very similar to the Moroccan teapot you have pictured. I would like to know more about it.
    I also have a matching candy dish (i think) with a lid. Any information you have, or if you can tell me where to
    get more information on it would be appreciated. thank you

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