Hopelessly Devoted

Happy Monday. It is the last working day for me in 2008. Woohoo!! I am leaving to go to New York tonight and will be there for the next few days. It was in New York almost three years ago that Mr. Mochatini popped the big question a very unsuspecting me on a lovely Monday night. (Blush). An intimate tearjerker moment(s) followed by Champagne at The W. It was a memorable night and I’m very excited to be back there for our two year wedding anniversary. We both have the day off filled with surprises for each other..and I can’t wait!

New York is up there on my list to visit this time of the year right after Paris. All the holiday windows, the well lit trees on 5th….. and Central Park! Which also means, I will not be here on Mochatini. Boo, I know.  But you understand right? As always I will be back with food for design talk. Looking forward to the window hopping play dates. New York is really pretty this time of the year, with trendy window decorations everywhere! Fifth Ave here I come.

One place you wont find me is Times Square for NYE. I am allergic to crowds that size.

What is the one thing you would never want to do on NYE?  Where are you spending your new years eve? Do you think NYE celebrations are over-hyped?

Reader Contest

New reader contest

Contest 3: Week December 23-31 2008

Send me pictures of your holiday inspirations, holiday decorations, and anything that made your heart beat faster this holiday season. It could be a picture of you snowed in, your tree lights, your craft project, a window dressing, absolutely anything. All I need to accompany the picture is how it made you feel.

This time I am giving away a shawl and a sash.

Email your entries manvi@mochatini.org

Entries will be accepted until 4pm EST Jan 1, 2009.

Happy Holidays