Reusable Lunch Box + Home Shopping in Dubai

I have several readers who have asked for an alternative to soggy paper lunch bags and tupperware. And after several failed attempts at trying to make a lunch bag, which was not only good for the environment, easy to clean and wouldn’t cause food stains in my bag, it came to me! It had been staring at me from my mother’s kitchen all along. The stainless steel-three tier-no spill-no fuss-tiffin! Yup just like the ones lunch deliveries in Delhi come in. I love this thing. Its perfect in my daily oversize bag and so awesome for picnics and roadtrips.

And this is some of my extra baggage from Dubai. Thanks mom for these awesome finds. Last few weeks have been crazy busy. This is as unpacked as I have got.

Silver Tray. Lanterns. Pod light. Antique Indian Mirror. Tealight Holders. Indoor-Outdoor Lighting. Turquoise Flat Bowl. Memories. Lunch Box. Entry way.


  1. Cool you have one stainless steel container. That’s great! You might love to try also these cool stuffs that you can acquire online, Happy Tiffin This site offers quality stainless steel tiffin containers that are truly safe, convenient, long lasting, dishwasher safe, portable, flexible and affordable. You can choose from any design, style, and size whatever suits your personality style. Plus, this steel tiffin also has a lockable design so there’s no food leakage. 😉

  2. Hi Parizad,
    thanks for stopping by with a good question.
    I recommend The One. They are next to the Jumeirah mosque and I find they have a good collection of modern home interiors.
    Options is a good resource as well.

  3. Hello Manvi!
    I grew up in Dubai and am planning to visit next February after almost 12 years…:)….could you recommend any stores for home decor shopping? Thanks!

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