Creative Gift Wrapping Contest Winner

Every entry that I received for this contest wowed me. I am always so amazed with how uniquely creative one can get!  I have learned so much from your ideas. Thank you. Your entries also reinstate something that I firmly believe –“The world is but a canvas to the imagination”, by Henry David Thoreau.

I want to feature all the entries here but I have to spend sometime touching them up for brightness and file size. So here is the winner plus one and I will post the rest on a later date.

Now for the winner! Neha Sharma from Los Angeles, CA. Congratulations Neha. Love your ideas of reusing fabric from old clothes so beautifully! Your gift is on its way to you. Happy Holidays!

Neha Sharma

Sparrow King did not enter this competition but I wanted to share her gift wrapping ideas with you. She used old blueprints from an architect friend and some red ribbon. Nicely done Sparrow and good luck on your new blog.


  1. I love that last idea. I wish I saw this last week when I was wrapping because I have way too many old drafting projects that I never look at. Very cool!

  2. Why thank you for the mention! I love Neha’s pincones and gold mesh ribbon. I’m totally stealing that idea for next time I wrap presents!

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