Brothers Dressler

Twin woodworkers Jason and Lars Dressler are the brains and hands behind Brothers Dressler. Based in Toronto, they craft, repurpose and salvage objects to create unique furniture pieces.

And not only do I love their collection, but am so into their respect for materials, craftsmanship and process.

“Wasting material is taboo to us and we believe that with a little creative thinking much of our potential waste can be repurposed into useful and beautiful objects.”

Their products are composed of long-lasting individual components so that they can easily be disassembled into their component parts and either re-used or recycled at the end of their useful life-cycles. I support all designers who make a conscious effort to promote and use eco-friendly practices.

The Slab Chair made it to House and Home magazine’s 2009 Trend watch. If you happen to be in Toronto next week, look out for them at the Interior Design Show February 5-8 2009.

House and Home

Brothers Dressler

Brothers DresslerBrothers Dressler

Brothers DresslerBrothers Dressler

Brothers Dressler

Easy Space Saving Storage Ideas – Kitchen

Economical and easy storage solutions for kitchens using Ikea Rails, S-hooks, wire baskets and caddys.

Keep daily spices and seasonings handy

Convert a dead space like this one into a useful pantry.

This space used to be stairs going to the basement is under the stairs to the upper level. It bears a load and electric wall so we could not demolish it. We decided to make it a pantry using rails and shelving units. Total cost for all supplies was under $75!

Easy access to cooking and serving utencils.

What are your thoughts on this solution?