New First Family at the White House

I don’t usually post about people and or politics, but how could I not share how amazing it was to be in Washington DC for this historical inauguration? What a gorgeous and wonderful day for change!

Whether you watched the coverage live or were at the national mall, I’m sure you felt the energy! Did anyone of you do the CNN and Facebook Live? I did and it was incredible to see people from all over the world connect. Constant and instantaneous sharing of thoughts and opinions was another example of how technology and social media bring people closer. My favorite bits were watching the new first family. They were so affectionate and cheerful throughout the events of the day.

And how adorable were Sasha and Malia Obama?

This is one of my favs. Didn’t First Lady Michelle Obama look stunning in this Jason Wu gown?

And as always Mr. President was cool, classy and ready to lead America.

Image credit: Paul Hidalgo, CNN and Huffington Post.


  1. Really? The gown was one of the better outfits I have seen on her. I thought her choice of outfit for the inauguration was poor. That choice of murky yellow was a total miss!
    You are right about the body language. She needs to work on that. Did you watch the ceremony?

  2. I actually was not that impressed with her choice of ball gown. I think, for a first impression, she could have done a lot better. I loved that upper body on the dress, not so much with the lower. I hope this is her last meek fashion choice. Did you notice her body language though? Droopy shoulders seem more wall-flowerish than confident first lady. Don’t get me wrong, I’m pumped about the next 4 years. Great post though! I’m sure Paul + you had a blast.

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