Breaking Dawn on Isle Esme

I really want to share my current obsession over the Twilight series books. Smitten, from the second I saw the Cullen’s home in Twilight the movie. No dungeons or coffins but a spectacular airy open house! This part added to the joy of reading subsequent books from the series. I had a picture to the words describing Edward and Bella walking around the living room,  Edward’s bedroom, the garage…..

Hoke House

Hoke House

Hoke House

I had posted about the Cullen home in the movie which in reality is the Hoke house and designed by Skylab Architects. This I found out thanks to Henry from Design Tavern‘s research.

I am now on book 4 – Breaking Dawn and all I can say is its one nail biting page turner! I can’t put it down. I don’t know what it is but I am totally engrossed! I live, eat sleep in the Cullen house. I’m so into it that I am not sure what I will do once I am done with this last book in the series.

I have been thinking of ways to keep the series going for me. And one way I imagine doing this is by trying to visualize the decor of various rooms mentioned throughout the other books. New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. I know the movie New Moon is in production and I imagine the others are at least a couple of years away. So I decided to start with the house on ISLE ESME. I will not spoil anything for you except say that there is a house on the Isle of Esme mentioned in the book. And this is one of the many ways I picture it.

Isle Esme may or may not be real, but these places certainly are!

Fregate Island Seychelles

Fregate Island Seychelles


Fregate Island Seychelles

Fregate Island Seychelles


If you have read the books and the part with Isle Esme, do share your thoughts on these. Close? Yes? No? Maybe? Do you have some images you could share that you imagined while you read the books?

Image courtesy Luxury Culture.

Hotels: Fazenda Sao Francisco De Corumbau in Brazil and Fregate Island in Seychelles.


  1. Can an ordinary person go here fo a honeymoon..or no

  2. omg! the inside is EXACTLY how i pictured it 😀 xx bht thee outside… well it says omn the book that as soon as bella walked out she was standing on silky sand….but its grass? :L xxx

  3. OMG!!!!!!!!!! it is not exactly as i imagined but it is so pretty i am so happy 4 Bella!!!!!!!!! i would love 2 have a Edward!!!!!!

  4. omg!!!!! :0 i love it. its just like the book and the view is so amazing . bella is so0 lucky to have someone like edward i cant wait to see breaking dawn i know its going to be perfect!!! love, 😉
    your biggest twilight fan

  5. omg! isle esme is very beautiful i hope i can have a vacation here cause its too beautiful as in super, i think all the people that will have a vacation here will have fun,oh.. i cant wait for breaking dawn i think this is the perfect spot for bella (kristen stewart) and edward (robert pattinson) to have a honeymoon cause this place is like a paradise haeven so beautiful……

  6. this is perfect.. very beautiful…,
    mpp. can’t wait for the next movie…

  7. WOW,I think the island, the house, EVERYTHING is perfect! i wouldnt be surprised if this location has already be scouted for the movie! im curious if you have found anything close to the Breaking Dawn cottage?

  8. I think the home is just as I had imagined and the Island and it’s hame are even more than what I had imagined. I have to agree with you on the series, it’s wonderful and I have had a hard time replacing my spare time with anything compareable. I look forward to the completion of Midnight Sun, I’ve already read what was available on the website….

  9. OMG!!!!! it is really really close to what i imagine, i want my honeymoon to be in a place like this, it is so romantic!. You are great, i have to ask, do you have some pics of the cottage? I got inspired by it, and now i want to live in one, i have even dream about it, so what are you ideas?!
    thank you for the pics it was really inspiring.

  10. When i was reading the chapter on isle esme, i pictured it almost perfectly, all tho, i wish that they showed the blue room!

  11. that is a NICE HOUSE AND ISLAND. i wouldnt mind travling there once or twice with a particular someone 🙂

  12. this isnt how i pictured it exactly but it still lokks amazingly beautiful:) good job…i mean amazing job!!

  13. OMG that is not how i pictured the house have you seen bella as a vampire? totally bloody! OOh have you seen renesme? SOOOO CUTE!!!! I cant wait for breaking dawn to come out!!!!

  14. i just love twilight and i think its the best. i think i have read each book at least 15 times. i am gonna sleep outside my local cinema the day it comes out. (unless i’m at school) by the way i have just read the description and i think those pics are cool. c u ltr twighlit fans!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  15. thanks angel. isnt this gorgeous? I am doing a post on another option for their honeymoon.

  16. um…well anyway i just read breaking dawn again and i when i want 2 picture where their honeymoon is i go here.i love this place.

  17. That is like exactly what i was thinking of when i was reading Isle Esme=)!!!

  18. OMG its just like i pictured it n the book.but when i saw the bedroom it was more beautiful than what i had n my head at the time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![: :]

  19. omg this is a brilliant picture eswpeccialy the bed woh i just finsihed reading the chapter . !!

  20. sorry i ment i think it is realy realy good

  21. in the book is describes the island to be moon shaped and the house is a bit off
    but besides that i thing it is realy realy good

  22. This house is a perfect place to honeymoon.It’s very romantic and Bella seems to like the thing romantic.There’s enough room for them to relax. I think Edward made a good desicion to take Bella here.

  23. i think the island is definately too big, its just for the two of them !! although the house is okay.. not thr outside although it has the higher level at the back… its supposed to be white !

  24. I think you did really well almost to what I imagined when I read the book! kudos to you!(:

  25. I think it come pretty close. Not exactly as I picture it, but i definately could look like this. Great ideas!

  26. Dont you just love the island? Oh seeing these images makes me want to move to one permanently.
    Reg: the house – I didnt read the first book till after I saw the movie so I am not sure how I would have imagined it. I will have to read it again and clear the cache from the movie.
    Lex and Caitie: how did you imagine the cullens home?

  27. The inside and the island are PERFECT!!!!!!!The outside of the house, not so much.

  28. Isle Esme: Very close to what I pictured when reading the book.
    Hoke/Cullen House: Not really what came to mind.

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