Hello Monday

Hope you had a good weekend. We were fortunate to have a warm and sunny weekend.

I decided to do some decorating in our master bathroom. I want my bathroom to have a spa like feeling to it. It even has a jacuzzi 🙂 and plenty of sunlight. I like to think of it as spot to unwind and re-energize. A private place to gather my thoughts and prepare myself for the world.

I wish you all a productive and healthy week ahead.

Ps: Feb 10, 2009: Sorry for the jumbled up sentences and the edited content. Some of the text I wrote didn’t even make it to the post. I realize blogging when under strong pain medication isn’t a good idea. I had my wisdom teeth removed on Friday and have been on some heavy duty painkillers.The surgery went well and I feel great. Just not great enough to put a logical post together. Sorry!


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