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When you think of Google and their offices, what comes to your mind? The images that first pop in my thoughts are cluttered work stations, geeks, bulky monitors, wires, chaos and stress. Like the kind of place that has great benefits but a mad house to work in. Well, I couldn’t be further from the truth!

When I came across pictures of their Zurich office over at Rachel Mallon’s Dwellings and Decor,  my jaw dropped like three floors.



Here I am dreaming of a window in my office or being able to work from my sunny home while Zooglers (Googlers in Zurich are referred to as Zooglers) have it all!

Informal meeting rooms. Large boards are everywhere to note ideas on – “because ideas don’t always come when seated in an office”. Stress busters like pool tables, massage chairs, library, slides, video games…! Wow! What a fun and creative work environment! The kind of place that oozes higher productivity levels.








The design cultivates an energized and inspiring work environment that is relaxed but focused, and buzzing with activities.

The concept of the communal areas relates directly to the project research conclusions and wider research that indicates relaxation to be crucial to innovation and stimulating original thought. Work and play are not mutually exclusive, or as Google puts it “it is possible to code and pass the puck at the same time”. Based on this concept Camenzind Evolution developed themed communal areas associated with sport and leisure, for example, an aquarium water lounge for relaxation and a games room to play billiards, table football and interactive video games. There is also an antiquethemed library and a massage spa to soothe any tight shoulder muscles. Most of these spaces also contain ‘micro kitchens’ offering the Zooglers a variety of drinks and snacks throughout the day. – earchitect

I had heard about relaxed work environments. You know cozy comfy rest areas, flat screens, big lunch rooms, – but I was so not ready for this. I am so envious!

What are your thoughts about work spaces and office environments? Do you think relaxed work environments like these lower or enhance productivity?

Thanks Rachel.

images courtesy and dwellingsanddecor


  1. All one would have to do is look a Google’s success to see if this approach is working or not.

  2. This design seems to be the fruit of the imagination of some Google teenagers (otherwise exceptional software-men) who became adults (even without their agreement!).

    The same trend, charged by futility, was detectable on another geographic coordinate, in the design of their XP and Vista – colleagues, when replaced the previous versions of Windows.

    Perhaps that will be the future progress, where the fiction will replace very well the reality and so the reality will be derisory and forgotten.

  3. A massage spa? That for sure I would use on a daily basis. I love the idea but I can also understand how some companies would not be sold on it without some heavy consideration. I assume there must be a good system in place for gauging actual productivity?
    I do agree with Paul though, most people respond well to this kind of atmosphere but it would only take a few to ruin it for the rest.

  4. I think people would naturally become more productive in environments like this. With a goal orientated work environment, instead of a “heh what are you doing?” atmosphere, most people respond well. And to combine that attitude with an interactive physical space like this, good work will come. Great post Manvi.

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