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Padme’s Home in Harpers Bazaar

I am so excited to feature Top Chef host Padma Laxmi’s East Village apartment featured in Harper’s Bazaar India. Her home, much like Padma herself, is sophisticated, sexy, tasteful yet simple.  Some of you may have seen these over at AT and may have read the negative comments that readers made. I wont get into details of the controversial nature of those comments, you can read them here. I think its great that she opened her home to us.


I like open storage – here – the shelf replacing the wall cabinets, the pot rack and open pantry- and I would love to cook in that dress!


oh and of course I have to say it – I love the swing- its for the little kid in all of us. I dream of a swing for two on my patio.


Oh why can’t my closet look this tidy and organized?


apparently this is her assistant’s workdesk


love the dress and the brick walls. anyone know where her bedspread set is from? I wouldn’t mind my artist friends gifting me a painting of me. I would hang it in my husband’s office. 😉


never underestimate the importance of a good safe. I really need to get one. my mother has a fireproof one to store jewelry and important documents like passports etc. SMART!