Reader Survery – Glass Jars

Do you use glass jars to organize around the house? I do and find them very handy. Because they are clear, it makes finding things easier. I got these a while ago from Ikea to use in my kitchen. I had a few extra and decided to use them in my bathroom to store soaps and other tchotkes. I wanted to explore other uses of these jars and thought of asking you. Tell me how you use them. What household stuff do you store in them?




  1. I use old Jars to store our clays, herbs, and other ingredients we need for our soaps. It gives our Studio an unique look.

  2. I love these jars! I have them on my bar in different sizes with dry snacks – pretzels, nuts, etc. with a stack of small bowls next to them. So, when someone makes a drink, they can grab a little bowl of munchies to go with it. The snacks stay fresh a long time because of the airtight seal and they look pretty too!

  3. You could further use them in your bathroom to store combs and brushes.
    To add to the home decor find an aesthetic glass jar and fill it up with layers of sand, mud, stones, rice etc It makes really pretty.
    Additionally, use tiny jars for spices, nuts, dry lentils and beans, store home-made pickles.
    I know there is much more. Curious to know other uses.

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