reclaimed wood furniture

This is what I call a “dinner party table”! If you can’t tell, I have a thing for furniture crafted using reclaimed wood. Hudson Furniture are the makers of these beauties. This table is perfect for 20 plus person summer dinner party. I can imagine it in my garden under a cluster of round paper lanterns. Are you into furniture made from reclaimed wood?


Notice the birch bench on the bottom right corner? I love it!



I want this birch coffee table too!!




via Urbanlifestyledecor

See also furniture made from reclaimed wood by Kings Road Home


  1. this is beautiful! love that top photo, and the birch coffee table as well… 🙂 i’ve made a few reclaimed wood pieces, and now i’m inspired to make more…

  2. Hi, I am a woodworker who only uses reclaimed wood and ecofriendly finishes to make one of a kind furniture, any tips for a small business in this large world? How did you go about finding the company featured in those pics? If you got the time let me know what you think of my site. And thanks!

  3. Wow those look fantastic. It really is a new class of wooden tables is it? I dont even want to know the cost of that wonderful once peice tree of a table!

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