Happy Friday

Things have been slower than usual on Mochatini. To say that I am busy is an understatement. Balancing a full time job, three blogs, site redesigns, chores, daily rituals and social activities = not a second to spare! It has been weeks since I last de-cluttered, put away clothes or cleaned! As usual my clothes, books etc are piled up on every surface available. Shame!! Add to this the endless list of to-dos that come with settling into a new (to us) home. Yes, I know it has been a few months! Still, walls are yet to be painted, floors need to be shined, the make shift furniture needs to disappear, light fixtures need to find their final spots, magazines and books need organizing….oh it goes on and on….never enough time to tend to it all.  I could cut down my 6-7 hours of sleep, but where would that leave me? Sorry to rant about my chores but I want to ask, am I alone in this? Are you on top of your chores? how do you manage to get it all done? Do you have secret helpers?

On a brighter note though, we finally have some sunshine heading our way. Yippe!!! I also have a friend visiting and am looking forward to some girlie play dates. Needless to say, guestroom needs come prep. 😉 I also plan to finally get my bike out and take a ride along one of the two nature trails near my home.

Anyhoo, what have you got planned for the weekend? Next week I introduce the wedding and engagement registrys topics, including managing your cash “gifts”, unwanted gifts, and more. AAND if I can get my act together – a very SPECIAL interview feature. See you next week, and have a relaxing weekend.


image: Paul Costello