photographer justin patrick from south africa

My good friend in South Africa recently sent me a link to photographer Justin Patrick’s portfolio on Bird on a Wire.

Justin is a self-taught photographer. Based in Capetown, South Africa, Bird on a wire is a creative management agency representing photographers, stylists, illustrators, hair and makeup artists.






anyone know where this chair is from?



arent these bathrooms lovely?. I have to file them under inspiration for Hidalgo home.

images: Justine Patrick & bird on a wire


  1. Good Work i want to talk about your work so please replay and give me your email on yahoo thank you


  2. Thanks Franki. Im only just starting to learn how much of a difference white walls and natural light make to a picture. makes me not want to ever paint my walls any other color.

  3. Look at that neat flower petal floor runner! Frankly, all of the photos are gorgeous. What is it about white walls and sunlight that looks so amazing on film?

  4. thanks Diana,
    didnt end up biking, since it was overcast but the walk was nice. hope you had a good weekend

  5. Wow, love all the modern furnishings, great photos! I recognize most of the furniture but not the red chair in question. I’ll search around and see if I can find it anywhere.

    Hope you got that bike ride over the weekend … 🙂

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