Hello Monday

Hola! Did you have yourself a good weekend? Hope some of you had sunshine. It rained here all weekend. While the rain did put a hold on most of my projects for the weekend, I was able to do some fun things. We went to the Embassy open house on Saturday. It was interesting to see some really well designed foreign embassies in DC. We also sorted through a lot of important papers and I got a start on putting away my winter clothes.

I did play around with an eco-friendly DIY. I spray painted used wine and beer bottles white.I didnt have any specific purpose except to reuse these bottles decoratively. I think they turned out quite nice! Dont you?





I had loads of fun styling and photographing them with Paul. Another busy week ahead of me. I have tons to do before our trip to Argentina next week. Lots of wonderful posts coming your way. A much awaited interview. And a book. Stay tuned.

images: MDH + PDH


  1. such lovely pics. the bottles look professionally done – if i hadn’t read the post, i would have taken them to be pottery!! the paint is flaking off? and here i was thinking of doing it myself. is it the paint or just that it wont stick on the glass?

  2. lovely pics – love the color combination in the pics! …I’m thinking of using a stencil and spray painting some bottles to create a painted lace effect this weekend…plan to use them in guest bathroom as decor/plant holders…

  3. thanks ladies. I really didnt know what to expect either. only thing is the paint isnt on strong and scratches peeled the paint off. i wonder what else i could use these painted bottles for. any ideas?

  4. I have never thought of spray painting bottles- don’t know why- but yours look beautiful!!

  5. They turned out beautifully! And the photos are gorgeous. I love the matching pink wax that’s spilled on the candlesticks – great detail that keeps the tableau alive!
    This is a great DIY idea!
    Have a lovely day –

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