Home in Buenos Aires

Its Friday! Only 5 more sleeps before BUENOS AIRES!!

Traveling to South America, and especially Argentina is on my list of “things-to- do-before-I-turn-30”, so I am BEYOND thrilled that we could make this trip happen. Thank you airmiles. I can hardly contain my excitement. All I can think about is the fantastic food, wine, tango, shopping, coffee shops, and the experience of being in a city like Buenos Aires. Oh the long long flight there {13+hours} doesnt not affect me one bit.

If I didnt have a zillion things to do, I would be driving up to NYC for the Domino sale tomorrow. So if you are in the city I urge you to check it out. Deets here.

While researching BA neighborhoods, I came across this modern hotel called HOME in Buenos Aires. It looks like a chic and fun place to stay.

Home is located in the neighborhood of Palermo Viejo, the creative heart and social pulse of Buenos Aires. This neighborhood has a high concentration of hip bars and restaurants catering to the dynamic crowds of fashionistas, interior designers and media moguls who live and work in the area. All of this in a typical Barrio with its old style character and cobble-stone, tree-lined streets.











Dont you like the decor of HOME?  Its modern, but not overly so. Refreshing yet feels comfy like home. Tastefully done and looks so inviting. Arent the wallpapers gorgeous?

What do you think about the round white tables {Doksta series}? I have seen them around for a while, and thought they would be gone by now. But no, I see them everywhere. And I have to say, Im kind of happy they stuck around, I like their form, and I might avoid some daily injuries caused by sharp table edges. Your thoughts?

Stay tuned for BLINKS coming your way..


  1. Oh, lucky you… I’ve just been out to dance Argentine tango tonight and came home to this post. I’d love to go to BA sometime to learn more. Do you dance?
    And yes, of course we like HOME! Love the yellow/turquoise/lime combo!
    Safe trip, have fun!

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