I’m Back


After recharging for almost two weeks in lovely Buenos Aires,  I’m back! We had a fantastic time there ! It was hard to say Ciáo! to the vibrant BA, but am happy to be back. Back to my home sweet home, to Mochatini and to you!  I am eager to share my experiences, inspirations, design, art and culture from this stylish city. As it goes after a break, I have lots of catch up on (emails, messages, posts, pictures, etc). It usually takes me a month to unpack but I surprised myself by getting that done yesterday! Hopefully, I’ll continue this momentum. Stay tuned for lots of posts and a mini city guide coming your way.


A huge THANK YOU to Anand, Elizabeth, Fiona, Henry and Rachel for the wonderful guest posts and keeping Mochatini active while I was away. I hope you enjoyed their posts and blogs as much as I did.

image: MDH


  1. I’m so glad you enjoyed the wonderful city of BA! I lived there last summer for a study abroad, in a residencia in Palermo Soho. I’d love to hear more about your travels, where you went, where you stayed, everything! It’s great to share stories of BsAs with others, and not many people I know have been there. Feel free to drop me an email (omoriala@gmail.com) if you want to share stories.


  2. Hi Manvi!!!!! I missed you!! guests posts were great, I specially loved the Obamitas and their lovely box but I did miss your characteristic warmth and style. so Welcome! I can’t wait to hear about your trip as I LOOOOOVE Argentina and everything about their culture (let alone their food!!)


    Nuit @ A passion for beautiful things…

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