Happy Friday

Happy Friday everyone! I thought I would finish this week off with some more tea cups. I wish you a good weekend. See you on the other side.


I love the idea of using vintage cups to store jewelry. Thanks Trudi for the link to it.







images: Sandra Lane and Belle Maison via DecoDetective

PS: I will be making some updates to Mochatini site. If you happen by on the weekend and find the site all funky, dont worry that is just me rearranging and reordering the sidebars and things. I like to try different options and if you have any suggestions, please feel free to email me {manvi at mochatini dot org}

ciao bellas!


  1. Beautiful tea cups. Great idea to store in a box. I love how colourful the patterns are. I have been collecting some myself and am always on the look out for cool patterns.

  2. vintage & romantic teacups r so adorable! i’ve been using the saucers to put jewelry , have to try using the actual cups, so chic!

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