Hello Monday

Hello Monday! Where did the weekend disappear? Hope you had a good weekend. Warm and sunny skies graced us this weekend and made us super productive. Its hard to believe how much we got done in just two days. Paul took care of the outside, improving our landscaping while I decorated, organized, and rearranged the interiors. 😉 Sorted through pictures and emails,  got things ready for posts on Buenos Aires, put stuff away around the house, decorated with my shopping from Argentina and of course the chores. Stuff seems to pile up so quickly. But oddly enough, I am really enjoying doing things for the house.  The effort {and love} we are putting into making our house a home is rewarded by the satisfaction that its ours. I also got to play around with the camera for a bit. I took these on Sunday afternoon.


I am a bit under the weather today. {how can that be possible when its GORGEOUS outside?} I am blaming it on post vaca blues.  Or it could be Buenos Aires withdrawl. But its symptoms indicate what is commonly known as a cold. 🙁 Whatever it is, I am doing my best to not let it slow me down too much.

I am off to make some tea with honey. Have a great week ahead.


images: MDH


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