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The jacuzzi tub in our master bathroom is functional. Finally! It took us nearly nine months but its done. Yipeee!!

One of the reasons it took this long to fix it was because I wanted a vintage handheld shower instead of the roman faucet. Turns out not only are the vintage handheld showers way out of our budget but they also wouldn’t fit our roman tub. Well not without making more holes to the tub and completely ruining it. OR, as I shamelessly suggested to the hubby, we could buy a new tub! {riiiight! eye rolls!} Anyway to make this long story short, I agreed to go with the roman faucet. And within days we had a bubbly jacuzzi….And its awesome!

So now that the tub is fixed, it’s time to look at the rest of the master bathroom. I made a list of the things I want to change/add.

  • Replace the {relatively new, but boring} sink and the vanity.
  • Add a glass door to the walk-in shower.
  • Add a skylight to the shower.
  • Add a towel/supplies storage armoire with glass doors.
  • Replace the tile on the tub platform with marble.

I started to collect inspiration for the decor and overall feel a while back.








I’m into vessel sinks and would like one in natural stone.  Actually make that two – a his and her. When researching I came across The website isn’t great, but their prices are! AND they have a clearance sale on the vessel sinks!


I like this travertine vessel sink and for $125 its a fab deal! Don’t you think? I also saw some vanities that I liked but they seem a little out of my budget. Since Im in no rush, I am going to keep looking. And will keep you all posted on the progress. Blogging about all this helps keep my research, thoughts, inspiration and progress in check.  Happy hump day!

images: Elle Decor, DTI and tradewindsimports


  1. Those sinks are gorgeous! My favorite Vessel Sink was a great deal as well. I looked long and hard to find one that fit my personality. There is such a variety out there, It was tough!

  2. The bowl sinks are so elegant. I absolutely believe that more and more modern houses will start incorporating them into their design. Not only do they look great, but you’ll find that they’re very space efficient as well.


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  4. amy + nuit. I love the grey stripes too. I am tempted to paint my guest bathroom with grey stripes. Amy – thanks for the tip on overstock. I would love to see pics of your bathroom.

  5. I love the wallpaper on that one bathroom – grey striped one.

    Have you checked for a vessel sink too? Sometimes you can get some great deals especially since they usually either have free shipping or it’s only $2.95!

    Sorting out what to get can be stressful sometimes, yet fun. We just remodeled our small (and only) bathroom. I wanted a vessel sink, but then, we ended up going with a glass countertop with the sink already a part of it.

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