1. Hey Manvi;

    Just tumbled into your blog today and to be honest the art pulled me in…is amazing! I love what you’ve done and what you’re doing… specially love this Studio Mela artwork featured here. Am definitely going on to her website to find out more.

    Keep up the great work. I promise I will be more regular from now on.


  2. Oh! thanks so much for letting me know sweetie. Looking into the issue now.

  3. Oh Manvi, I agree! this is gorgeous!!! I am sad to say I had trouble viewing your blog for a couple of weeks, I would try and all I would get was a blank page 🙁 but today, I tried once more, and surprise! it worked!!! I am so happy, now I am going to go ahead and read all of your posts of the last two weeks 🙂


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