project home office; establish + organize

This was a week of new beginnings. As some of you may know, my organization closed its doors last month and all staff were let go. 🙁 I kind of saw it coming and it made sense business wise to stop funding our non-profit, but it totally sucks for the staff. {state of economy, middle of summer, budget freezes, etc- SUCKS}


I am positive something better is around the corner {I hope, I hope, I hope..}. So, that’s how I got around to the first item on my list – establish and organize my work area. And to be honest, I have always WANTED to work from my home..{so much inspiration all around and WINDOWS bringing in natural light!!!}


Until now my work area was kind of spread around the house {read: messy + scattered and ugly}. The obvious choice for my home office was the library/study which until now was mostly used by the mister as his office. {man space}. Enter me. Actually, we both shared this home office when we first moved in, but I hardly used the room. It was completely under utilized.


We had a futon {which found its place in the basement}, a DIY bookcase, desks, camera stands, paperwork and clutter occupying this room. So, first things first, de-clutter, space allocation and organize. Once teh clutter was taken care of, I had to do some re-arrangement. Since I am in no rush to decorate this room, I decided to use pieces we already owned. My desk used to be our dining table. I love having my tear sheets and inspiration on walls so I have a couple of large cork boards. The rug has moved around our house quite a bit and I think I like it here best.



The room isnt quite there yet, but it looks a lot neater and a place I can spend my entire day working in. The walls are yet to be painted, as is the bookcase but that will have to wait for when I am REALLY motivated! The arrangement as of now going around the room: closet, my desk + workspace, writing table, bookcases, and finally the mister’s L-shaped desk.  This is the progress I made with it this week.







Oh, I also re-organized my dining room shelves, pics coming up in a day or so. I have to run for a meeting now, so laters…

Ps:  Sandwich bag giveaway ends today!


  1. What a nice office space! Very smart and stylish looking! Wishing you the best of luck!
    Natascha xoxo
    Mocca & Me blog

  2. ugh, not having a job really sucks! I am currently looking for one without success.
    anyway, I love what you’ve done with the place! I especially LOVE your bookshelves 🙂

    have a lovely day! xo

  3. Manvi! your place is fab!!!!! so full of energy, I love it!!! you have done a tremendous job in putting your office together. I particularly love the way you have showcased your inspiration on the walls…. it’s truly beautiful… ahh and those black and whites! (sigh) good luck with all!!!


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