hello monday

Hellos, m’dears. How was your weekend? I hope it was filled with relaxation and inspiration. Did you do any decorating? Do share!!

Our weekend was quite busy. Apart from the social and personal activities, we tackled some home improvement projects. One of the best things about home ownership is how, almost instantaneously, satisfying home improvement is. You put in the time and effort and when you look at the results, its instant gratification.  Dont you agree?

So there were a zillion little things but two main projects were the guest bath and wall mounting the HD.

The ginormous TV is now wall mounted and makes the living room feel more open and less crowded. I have yet to decide on a table for the blue-ray player, the reciever etc.  I want a small tiny function piece that wont over power the fireplace and tv, preferably in white. Any suggestions?

We finally selected a paint color for the guest bath. After a lot of deliberation we went with Behr Premium Plus mysteria. My husband painted it in less than 2 hours and it looks FANTASTIC. I love the color!! I added fabric panels to the shower, a chandelier pendant light and replaced the medicine cabinet with an antique silver mirror. Im soo pleased with the results. Only thing remaining is adding wood molding to the walls but I might not get to that for a while. I am trying to take some decent pictures for you, but since the paint color is on the darker side, its difficult to take a clear picture. Till then, have a great week ahead.


Amy Butler


  1. what a wonderfully productive weekend Manvi!!! congrats!!! I got very little done… mostly relaxed, but I did re-arrange the furniture in my son’s bedroom…. I am still trying to figure out what to do there, its really nowhere near finished, but re-arranging he furniture and cleaning up real nice did help and it looks as good as it can look for now. Happy week to you!!! xo

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