happy birthday dad

October is filled with birthdays. At least eight members of my family’s birthdays fall in Oct. Dad, brother-in-law, cousins, aunts, and mine.

Yesterday was my darling dad’s birthday. Happy birthday dad. Love and miss you.


Its times like these when being away from my family is the hardest. Anyway, I look forward to a time when can be together for birthdays, holidays and more celebrations.

this is the four of us at my sisters sangeet + mehendi last year.

image: private you may not use this for any purpose.


  1. Your family is so pretty! One of my best friends is Indian and I am forever trying to get her to get married because I want to go to an Indian wedding more than I wanted to go to my own. happy birthday month!

  2. OMG you all look so beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing and happy birthday to you if your special day has already passed.


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