retail therapy

Hello dears, sorry for being MIA last few days. Last couple of days have been exciting, very rewarding and also tiring.

I accompanied my husband for his work related conference at a beautiful resort in virginia. It rained all weekend so I took the opportunity to check out some outlet stores in the area. I scored some fantastic deals at CB, PB and WS. At PB I saw a bed skirt that matches the guestroom headboard for like under $20! It was the last piece and I was thrilled to have found it. It fits on the queen guest bed perfectly. I also got AMAZING deals on marimekko fabrics at cb among other home and kitchen items at william sonoma. Talk about retail therapy! Especially when it is home decor related and on sale.

I came back to a messy and cluttered home and decided to take my china off the bookshelves and go scavenging for a good bargain on china cabinets. I found two older traditional styles that I liked and spent all day moving my china into them. Since the style is a bit too traditional for my decor style, I plan to refinish them at some point. But for now, my glasses, dishes and cake stands have a nice little home. And this freed up my bookshelves. I moved them into the study to serve their real purpose – house my magazines, design books, craft tools etc. Spent all day yesterday organizing and sorting through the mess on my desk. An uncluttered house is so much more inspiring to do creative projects in. Oh and I also had my eye on this restortation hardware wing chair that I found at a thrift store for under $50! {someone obviously didnt know its real value}. Its in excellent condition and only needs some glammed up reupholstering. While decorating and organizing,  I also got about 6 loads of laundry done! I was itching to share all this with you but decided to finish most of my tasks while I had the momentum going. So even though I was away from you, wasn’t it time well spent?





So how is this week treating you?



  1. You are so creative and have such a great eye for design! You are going to laugh, but I have a very similar chair that I picked up at a consignment store for a mere $37! My upholsterer will charge me $450 and I already have the fabric. I will get a fantastic chair for under $500 – and it will (I hope!) look like a $3000 chair. Can’t wait to compare notes! OX Monika.

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