happy friday


Hope you had a good week. Sorry for the lack of posts, but I’ll be back Monday with more inspiration to share. Looking forward to a full weekend ahead. Off to a wedding in Annapolis and have a friend visiting from Dubai. Good times ahead.



Have a wonderful weekend lovelies. xoxo

image: lonny mag and 100layercake


  1. Ooooh, I could have written Fajir Amin’s post myself. I loooove that wedding dress and am desperate to find more photos of it from other sides etc. Is there any chance you could email me the designer or dress name, too? Thanks you so much, and I loooove your blog. I have been looking through it for the past few hours and it’s insanely good.

  2. Good day
    I stumbled upon ur blog, and I fell in love with the back of the wedding dress u have uploaded the pic of. by any chance do u have a photo of the dress from the front, the name of the designer or the number of the model? u have amazing style and grace, I love it, thank u, take care.

  3. Manvi, hope you had a wonderful time at the wedding! I have missed your posts, girlie! (:

    BTW, the first image is beautiful. Is it from your home? I LOVE the fabric.

    Happy week! OX


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