1. WOW!! The gray sofa in the ‘Living Etc’ pic. Do you have ANY idea where I can buy this? PLEEEASE reply. ~Dawn

  2. These are gorgeous! Hey if you like modern (I love modern!) check out the sectionals on http://www.furnitureseen.com. You can choose the city closest to you and then browse dozens of fabulous sectionals (or whatever furniture you are looking for) available in your city. All modern! It’s the best 🙂

  3. Love (!) the sofa in the ‘Living Etc’ picture!!
    Am mad about that shade of grey!!

    How are you coping with life back from paradise?

    We’re off on a 2 month holiday in Northern Europe very soon.. Not quite the Bahamas bliss you experienced, but wonderful time with friends and family in what I hope will be a snowy & frosty Sweden!


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