Things have been so busy lately and sunny days like today are scarce. I constantly need to remind myself to take a break. Even if it is just to sit in my fav chair and collect my thoughts. So, this afternoon, I took a few minutes off from projects, blogging and emails to enjoy coffee and the cranberry bread I baked yesterday.




How is your week treating you?

images: manvi drona-hidalgo

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  1. Cranberry bread/Cake….sounds good…I should bake something interesting myself….this will give me something to do tomorrow…

  2. Hi Manvi! How’s the cranberry bread? Sounds and looks so delish, I can already taste it! This week is the last week of the semester so it’s treating me crazy! I’m immersed in work, which in a way I like a lot, but it doesn’t give me time enough to indulge in all the pretty things! But that’s okay. For now, it’s just me with my coffee and a sea of documents and laptops! Totally excited about my birthday on Saturday and going to India thereafter!! xo

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