honest scrap award

A while back monika from splendid willow sent me the honest scrap award. I kept meaning to post this.. And then when I got another one from teacake martini yesterday, i ran out of excuses. Thank you so much. And so sorry monika that it took me so long to do this.

Here goes –

1. I love flowers, crystal chandeliers, champagne, dresses and dancing.

thisis glamchandeleir

2. Blogging has changed my life. I met so many wonderful friends. Blogging also made me pursue my passion for decorating, styling and photography.



3. I am into adventure sports like fast cars, sky diving, scuba, paragliding, skiing etc. i would love to be on the amazing race with my huz.


4. I love to sleep in and stay up late. a breakfast in bed kind of girl.



5. I am convinced i have the smallest adult feet ever, US – 5. I rarely ever get my size and never on sale. all those pretty shoes, but not for me 🙁

6. My handwriting changes in the same sentence…..i wonder what that says about me. i should stay close to photojournalism perhaps.


7. Having lived in so many cities around the world {DC, new york, london, dubai and new delhi}, i find it hard to answer the question “where are you from?”. My favorite cities are Paris, New York and Buenos Aires.


8. I love to travel, like really love it. like a new place every month sort of love. i wish my pocket would allow that.


9. I am actually kind of shy. Bold but somewhat shy.


10. I bite my nails. not when im nervous, but like when im bored. i know i shouldnt but the only time i don’t bite them is when i have a manicure or am making something.



oh and while you have me going… im super romantic but never imagined that i would meet my husband on a plane.  It was on a fourteen hour non-stop flight where we sat next to each other, saw three movies ate three meals, and took naps together {no touching}. A pretty fab first date don’t you think?


So there! now you know a little bit more about me.

I would like to pass on the award to –









cant wait to read more about you!


images: by me, thisisglamorous, weheartit, aliceslookingglass, simplyseductive, sfgirlbybay


  1. I love the picture of the couple kissing on the NYC cabs… Do you know where I can buy a copy!!! I lovvveeeee it!! I neeeeeed it!! Hehehe…

  2. Just saw you in today’s “Express” paper. Gorgeous web site! BTW, I had a former classmate who met her hubby on a plan, too. They were both kids of doctors going on holiday to Middle East!

  3. Thanks for the award and link Manvi dear 🙂 I will be posting my own soon. Lovely, lovely images as always!

  4. If i have not said this before..i am saying this now…i love the images that you come up with…they are so very gorgeous…always! Great post…n btw i met my husband on a long train journey..Bangalore to Delhi..fresh out of campus…going to join my first job:)

  5. Leave it to Manvi to put together the best Scrap Award post – ever! I love your images and how fun for all of us readers to get to know the real girl behind all those fabulous posts!

    And what a wonderful story about how you and your husband met. I have always said that traveling only brings goodness! Clearly!

    Look forward to watching you win the Amazing Race! (:

    Much fondness, OX Mon

  6. oh manvi….this is great. the images are gorgeous and your storytelling….very engaging. the part about how you met your hubby….so dreamy….

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