1. Hello my dear – just popped in to say hello and thank you for lovely posts.. I have failed to comment (as am still in Sweden with access to dusty old PC… miss my big MAC in Sydney..), but have read all your inspiring articles.
    Loved your Honest Scrap list – I too was awarded by my lovely Swedis cyber sis Monika, but will not even attempt to do my list until I am anchored by mentioned MAC.. 🙂

    Love this entrance – tres chic. Thanks for the great parade of images!

  2. What a lovely enty! I agree very chic. I love your blog, it’s beautiful, I found you through BYW forum. I will definately be adding this to my visit list.


  3. Definitely my favorite so far. Gorgeous styling! Those arent just any mirrors…. every one of them looks special!

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