entryways + foyers

Casual, bright with lovely pops of blue, this entryway reminds me of coastal homes and warm sunny beaches. Time to plan my next beach vacation ;-). But what initially caught my eye was the collection of personal pictures. I am undecided about them. While I like to display pictures of family and friends in some areas of the home, I am not sure about showcasing them on my entryway wall. What do you feel about displaying personal pictures up in a common space like entryways, assuming it is done tastefully?


from stylist nan whitney’s portfolio.


  1. @ diana, how lovely! i had some b&w pic of parents when they were younger on my entryway wall. i just wasnt not sure of how it came across to guests. hmm..

  2. My mother’s house, here in India, does not have an entryway. So when you enter her house, you enter straight into the living room. She has displayed our childhood and wedding pictures in the living room. I have seen guests really enjoy them… They usually get up from their seats to take a look at the pictures and also ask questions which usually breaks the formal mood… And my parents really enjoy telling the stories behind the pictures 🙂

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