february feature; inspired by love

We all know February as the month of the popular (and equally unpopular) Valentine’s day. While, I dont necessarily agree with the over commercialization of this day, I do enjoy a romantic dinner for two. 😉 To me this day is not only for couples. Growing up, I took the occasion to express my feelings to loved ones. I remember making cards, cakes, and mixed tapes for friends and family.

Let’s celebrate February by thoughtful handmade gestures towards our loved ones. All month long I will be featuring a daily post inspired by love. I hope you will join me and feel in making this month less commercial, more handmade and very heartwarming.

image: manvi drona-hidalgo


  1. i love this idea — to take the love theme into the entire month — i associate valentine’s day with all loved ones: friends, family, teachers, schoolmates . . . and my love for all things pink, red and shiny make valentine cards one of my favorite things in the whole wide world.

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