hello monday

and hello February! I hope you all had a lovely weekend.

Since, it snowed most of Saturday, we cooked up a nice meal, and watched the movie paranormal activity on demand. I have to say, I am still a bit spooked. It is sort of like the blair witch project with raw footage, but instead of being afraid to camp in the woods, paranormal activity makes you scared of being at home. In your own bed. Especially when you live in a single family home. A home that makes noises at night. Maybe I’m being a big wimp but there are certain scenes from the movie that might really creep you out I cant get out of my mind. I wont go into more details, but just thought I’d give you a heads up.

Anyway, lets move on to fun stuff. I have lots of great posts planned for you this month.

February being the month of love, I plan a daily feature inspired by love and romance. This is in addition to the daily interior inspiration feature. Many of you told me how much you loved the daily entryways and foyers and I hope you will like this month’s spotlight on living rooms.

You will be meeting some more lovely guest bloggers who will share their inspiration.

And a pretty giveaway which I will announce tomorrow!

See in you in a bit.

image: manvi drona-hidalgo

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  1. Hey Manvi!! Looking forward to your feb posts…I love your blog and take alot of inspiration from it.. After reading your blog I have discovered interior decoration is definitely my second hobby after traveling…

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