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I was going to start with another living room but decided to hold off on that one for a bit.

This upper east side living room is not the kind of style I usually blog about. It takes itself a bit too seriously and while I like the pops of orange, I still feel it lacks character. Its not just the monochromatic furniture, all the pieces are stylish. I guess I find it elegant but slightly boring. I dont mind the monochromatic furniture because most of the pieces are stylish. It doesnt seem like a fun room to socialize, I would be worried sick of spilling or staining. It also needs a shot of energy.

I would love to spend time reading in such a room though. What do you think?

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  1. Hi Manvi,
    I love this living room… I dream of decorating my house in white but the dust in India does not permit me to do so… I’m a cleanliness freak, so I like white so I know if the seats etc are clean!!! I used to have door mats in white!!! However I would have enjoyed some blue aqua color instead of orange. I like the space between the seats as I would rather have guests behave themselves rather than get all cosy and the seats would make them sit straight!!!

  2. True said you. That’s too much white. It’s actually choking. It’s killing the orange. Definitely not my kinds! Manvi, you can redo this room though! 🙂 How about a little photoshop and letting us know how it should change…just fun you know…I would love to have green and wood added to this room. 🙂 xo

  3. in my case, my 4 year old boy wouldn’t allow it!! 😉 but I hear you Manvi, this room is too perfect for my taste.

    I need a bit more than just a pop or two of color 😉

  4. Flanking all of the seating against the walls spreads everyone so far apart. I prefer more intimate seating that’s closer together. White is nice but starting to get overdone, so I would need a huge statement piece in here to get me to look twice at this room. An urban grafiti mural or an unexpected repurposing of a piece of machinery for a coffee table, for example. That would make this living room home. Thanks for asking! 🙂

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