interiors; living rooms

I am getting a bit tired of seeing all white rooms everywhere, arent you? With spring (slowly) approaching, I am excited to play around with more colors.

Slightly serious for my taste, I like color palette in this living room. The greyish blue rug and cushions with earthy browns all harmonious brought together by the painting I also like that the chairs are on casters allowing hassle-free rearrangement.


  1. The wall & the rug is beautiful…. Somehow the gray sofa looks awesome.. (Unless its not gray!! – my eyes are acting up again)….. I didnt really think grays look that great… but in totality this image is lovely!

  2. Not tired of white here (in gray and rainy Seattle)! But like you I need to add color to it. The rug is beautiful. I like it a lot. And the sofa table makes such a statement. Happy weekend, dear! xx Mon

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