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You wont believe this. I had this living room saved in my archives for a long time and was getting ready to post this on monday but forgot the source. I knew it was someone related to the design industry but couldn’t come up with anything in my research. Then last night again I was tempted to post it but found nothing. So, I held off posting it until I could find out who it belonged to.

And guess what? Today, just like that, I saw it on decor8 along with the name of the owner! I was soo excited to find that it belongs to none other than Deborah Needleman, the editor-in-chief of former domino magazine. How crazy it that? Here am I looking for the source for like 3 full days and then on the fourth day, it just sort of falls in my lap!

I think this living room is classy and uber chic. what I love most about it is how it is divided into separate purpose filled zones. The library/ reading space, the gorgeous grand piano, and the main social area. Inspiring!

Since I didnt post a living room yesterday, here is another one of my favs with separate zones.

This one belongs to Christiane Lemieux of DwellStudio. I loved the photographs of her nyc loft featured in domino mag a while back.

ps: im all cashed out today, and its only tuesday! one more post coming up and im calling it a day! xo

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