inspired by; love

Hello dearies. Ready for some more love inspiration? No? Then perhaps a bed of roses and a pretty dress will get you a bit more in the mood.

I love the colors used in the composition as well as the styling of the entire pic. The flirty girly dress has me dreaming of spring time.

emersonmade via alifemorefabulous

And how about this super pretty DIY matchboxes by monika of splendid willow?

her inspiration

and her results!! she made these for her little ones. arent they adorable?

Prefer something a bit more mysterious? check out valentine in a bottle by anthropologie. surprise your hun by write your own heart-felt love notes on tiny scrolls.

and last but not the least. Make your own cookies and let Martha show you how to wrap them in lovely handmade heart-covered paper.


  1. Well how sweet are you! Thank you! This is nothing compared to your master pieces, dear -but I had fun making them! And the kids loved them! Cyber hug, Mon

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