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Hello sweet dears.

Some of you may have already heard of blog-it-forward.

For those that havent, blog-it-forward is an awesome blogging initiative conceptualized and headed by victoria of sfgirlbybay to bring the blogging community closer. A group of 300 participating bloggers will be sharing “what inspires them the most?” on their blogs and then pass it on to the next blogger on the schedule. Kind of like a chain post.

It all started on wednesday and today marks the third day. My group was started by oh hello, friend who passed it on to liana from mixed plate who in turn passed it to me. I’m super excited (a tad bit nervous) to be a part of this awesome initiative and have already discovered so many wonderful blogs.

So, what inspires me the most? Well, really so many things inspire me everyday. Personally, my main source of inspiration is my loving husband. Without him, I am incomplete and can barely function. I wouldnt be doing what I do if it wasnt for him.

My family and friends inspire me everyday. My mother is very creative and I am super inspired by all her handmades. I am also inspired by love, generosity, random acts of kindness, handmade gifts, and my home.

And then there are things that inspire my style and work.

I love things that invoke my senses. Such as –

Traveling. The more I see the more I want to look around. Having lived abroad with expat parents, I find most of my inspiration comes from travel. I get so excited with just the thought of experiencing unfamiliar sights, culture, cuisine and shopping 😉 in a new place. I love taking it all in and come back so inspired! One of my favorite things to do when traveling is to spend time in a cafe (preferably outdoors, weather permitting) either with a good book or playing scrabble with my huz.

Photography. It was only recently that I started to get into photography myself, but have always been incredibly inspired by photographs.

New York City. I cannot get enough of this edgy vibrant city. Its filled with inspiration everywhere! There is always something to do and see. One thing I really miss about living there was gallery hopping on thursday evenings. My huz used to organize a group that met every thursday and we would go all gallery hopping in chelsea. It was such fun looking at new art and art installations. I cant wait to make NYC my home again, at least partially.

Interiors. I have always loved going to show homes, open houses and parade of homes, and watching home design shows. I always come back filled with inspiring new ideas about design and decoration. Well decorated homes and stylish interiors make me all warm and fuzzy, and inspire me to decorate and then redecorate and then redecorate some more.

fresh flowers: There is some sort of magical power that fresh flowers have over me. I just have to have fresh flowers in my home all the time. I even try (not very successfully) to grow some of my own. Flowers add instant cheer to any space and I absolutely love photographing and styling them. My favorites are tulips, peonies, roses, lilies and orchids.

Beaches. I grew up minutes away from the beach and could be found there night or day. I absolutely love being next to water. The sound of the waves, the breeze and the colors, they all bring a tremendous feeling of calm and balance to me.

Fashion. I love patterns, textures, colors, prints and find fashion feeds inspiration to my creative soul.

Some other things that inspire my style and creativity are perfumes, candles, blogs, books, magazines, music and movies. Oh I could actually go on and on…

So with that, I say thank you for taking the time to stop by. It was my pleasure sharing my inspirations with you. And I do hope you visit me again.  I now pass it over to Amanda at mocking bird. Cant wait to read about your inspirations Amanda.

I encourage you to visit the other bloggers sharing their inspirations today.

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A big thank you to Victoria for the opportunity to participate in this fun mashup.

images: sources coming up


  1. hi mairead, welcome. thanks so much. i hope to read yours soon.

  2. should i ever write a similar list, i would put you and your blog at the very top! you are out-of-this-world inspiring! i have browsed other blogs and this is the first blog that has ever really inspired me 🙂 your posts fill me with inspiration and i recommend your blog to everyone. love it.

  3. I love it when someone SuperSizes something without carbs, as you did this Inspirational Blog Post….Thank U

  4. This was really a beautiful piece by you. You conceptualize very beautifully!

  5. i love reading about the simple, heart-felt things that inspire you. Very very nice! and beautiful flower photos — so full of soft white light and great colors. happy v day to you and your man.

  6. Yes to fresh flowers too and I like the modest flowers best. Love that sunset photo with the bike, do you know if that is in Venice, CA? My husband used to live there (and me too but not for as long as he did at all).

  7. “The more I see the more I want to look around” Yes! I totally agree with this. And that last dress is so gorgeous. Loved this post!

  8. What great inspirations! I have a lot of the same. Keep up the great posts!

  9. ahhh! beautifully done, and so inspiring. i loved your mosaic, and all those gorgeous flowers! thanks so much for sharing, and joining in. 🙂

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