storage; walk-in closets

I mentioned to you my husband and I are looking to partition a third of our bedroom to design a walk in closet with a his and her section. I want to take my time to plan and design my dream closet so I continue to collect images of organized, glamorous and chic closets.  I thought you might like a peek into my inspiration folder.

I also shared more of my closet inspiration over at lovely clusters blog a while back.

images: canadian house and home, and unknown.


  1. oh how i’d love to have a walk in closet. there would be not so much to store right now but I’d feel those spaces…:-) the pink flor pillow drives me nuts. i see it everywhere on the net on pictures but i can’t find it anywhere to buy. do you have an idea?

  2. You are so lucky to have the space to do this! I love all of the pictures but especially the second one. I’d never get out of the house every day with that wardrobe and that choice!

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