happy friday

Dears, arent we all glad its friday? I dont know about you but I had a tough tough week. without going into much detail, ill just say, it involved me injuring myself. am fine now and cant wait to start the weekend. What do you have planned? May I suggest a lot of fun?

We are off to spend a few days skiing in Aspen. Cant wait! Have yourselves a fantastic weekend. ps: special thoughts to charlotte. hope everything works out asap.

I will see you on monday!



  1. I am so sorry you got hurt, but I am thrilled it didn’t mess with your plans to escape to Aspen! Be safe and I wish you a speedy and easy recovery! GREAT blog btw!

  2. Thank you for your wishes gals! you are the sweetest and awesomest! i just got to aspen. sipping apple cider and thinking of how grateful to have friends like you.

  3. It was lovely looking around here, I´ll be returning.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend and continue getting better!

  4. Hello love. Glad you’re better and that you are able to go to Aspen despite everything. Been thinking about you lots.
    Thanks for special thoughts – Isabella seems to be getting stronger. A little colour returned to those cute cheeks today. Yay!

    Have a fabulous weekend and make sure you take it easy on the slopes!


  5. Thinking of you Manvi. Glad your injury is not stopping a fun trip to Aspen. Enjoy all the snow and sun & fun! Can’t wait to see a pic of you in your (I am sure!) fab ski outfit! xx Mon

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