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I am so excited to introduce today’s guest blogger, Lana Kenny from the blog lanalou style. Lana lives in Cape Town, South Africa, works in the decor field, loves to decorate cupcakes and is an aspiring photographer. You must hop on over to her blog where in addition to decor, design, interiors and more she also shares her own photographs and finds from south africa.

Hi, I’m Lana and it’s so lovely to be a guest here on the always gorgeous Mochatini! Today I thought I’d share some of my favourite things, a few essentials that I just can’t be without.

Beautiful fresh flowers for instant cheer and occasional tasty treats that put a smile on your face. Books are an absolute necessity, whether it’s just a fun read or an inspiring interiors book, I like to be surrounded by them at all times! I love adding a vintage touch to everything and I absolutely love colour. And lastly, stepping out into nature keeps me in touch with what’s really important and gives me endless inspiration. I hope you enjoy these pics, thank you for having me here, Manvi!

images: lana kenny


  1. What beautiful photos and images…I needed a pick me up today, perfect timing! I love Lana’s style – just gorgeous 🙂

    btw, i’m in blog class with you so thought i’d say “hi”!

  2. This is so cool! I love Lana’s style & her blog. Its great to see her here! I’m a huge fan of her photography.

  3. Love the post! All the pics are so stunning and inspiring!

  4. I love Lana’s blog, she always has such great photos. She managed to do that here as well!

  5. Thanks Manvi and Mon, it’s great to be able to connect even though we’re all miles away! I loved yesterday’s post too!

  6. From Australia to South Africa – I am so so enjoying the ride! And Lana, I could not agree with you more – all what you listed I crave too! Your last image is breathtaking. ox, Mon

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