happy oscar weekend

well, my dears, its friday! happy oscar weekend to you all. will you be watching?

thanks for visiting mochatini this week, leaving me lovely comments and your emails. I will be playing catch up on your blogs and emails. Have a great one!


image: carter smith


  1. sarah, ill be thinking of you while watching it. hope you dont have to go to work too early next day. sarj, that dress is sooo gorgeous, and what about those cupcakes…tempting! dianna, i dont care so much about many award shows but def the oscars…they are usually pretty well done and i want to know how my fav films faired. i feel they also keep actors motivated to perform well.

  2. I’ve never been interested in the award shows. I’m not interested in the personal lives of the actors and actresses either.

    I want to be entertained by their talents, all the personal stuff ruins it for me.

  3. Oh! I heart and covet that pink dress! Especially for sitting around on a couch and eating creamy desserts! Delight!

  4. I LOVE OSCAR night! When I lived in Edinburgh I used to stay up ALL night to watch it ass coverage would start at 2am and it runs on for hours as you know. Have to get all the treats in, wine, popcorn, icecream, candy, cheese, pretzels etc…can’t wait. Enjoy!

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