my latest thrift store finds

Would you like to see my latest thrift store finds?

I cannot have enough vintage toast racks for organizing my stationery so am always on the hunt for another one. I found a silver william adams (sheffield-brimingham) toast rack. At $4.99 someone obviously doesn’t know its real value!

A round glass fishbowl vase for $1.99

A set of six “wheat” knowles plates designed by freda diamond for $1.99 a piece! I thought they looked so delicate and love the design. I cant wait to use these for my next tablescape.

I love good bargains, dont you?


images: manvi drona-hidalgo


  1. keb, they are simply awesome for sorting stationery and also mail. you will find them in almost every thrift store at some point.
    @ vinita, there is are a few thrift stores in DC that i frequent. this particular one was in takoma park.

  2. arent they so pretty?? @ charlotta, hun staples came out monday. i was so much braver than when they put them in. hows the lil princess doing now?

  3. Both purchase are amazing!
    That shape of plates is so nice. Can’t wait to get back to Europe and sniff around the markets there. The summer flea markets in Sweden are heaven!

    Have a great weekend dearest!


  4. Manvi, I love the toast racks for holding stationary idea! I never would have thought of that. I’m gonna start keeping my eyes out for a couple. Nice tip!

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