happy friday

Yippee its Friday! This has been such a fun week! Lots of lovely comments and emails from you, seeing my friend from first grade after about 20 years, St. Patricks day party, a spotlight interview and lots of exciting things on the horizon.

Im still a bit tired from St. Patrick’s day, so we plan on taking it easy tonight. Grilling and mojitos are on the menu for later. Tomorrow, I plan to visit a flea market, shop for a hammock, re-grout the guest bathroom floor, hangout in the yard, soak in tons of sunshine and see a friend for dinner.

What do you have planned?

Thank you so much for your company this week. Have a lovely weekend dears.  xo


  1. Can I be Zooey when I grow up? She’s just too cool!! sounds like a great evening…enjoy!

  2. Hi, Manvi! I so enjoyed your interview at Splendid Willow. I just love your style and it’s great to find out more about someone who moves around as much as I do. 🙂 I’m actually from DC and have also lived in New York and Paris – you have to do it! I am definitely moving back some day. I’ve also been wanting to go to Oman for years so I may have to see you for some suggestions when I do. 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  3. It was great to see you too! I love your blog (and mojitos). <3

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