spring cleaning

Looks like I haven’t been treating my mac too well. Hard to imagine, but I seem to have maxed out the 500GB capacity {mostly due to high res pictures} and cannot open another file until I free up some space. So while my time machine {external drive} rescues my mac, I”ll be doing some spring cleaning around the house.

See you soon. xo

another fab dress in tangerine/melon/coral..no?

update: ps: i got a bunch of tulips in this color. They are bringing so much cheer to me on this cloudy day.


  1. Wow, love that photo!! Oh I hope you get everything sorted out soon! I better make sure that doesn’t happen to me too. Enjoy your tulips!

  2. The dress is fab. Not sure what’s worse, spring home cleaning, or hard drive cleaning. Hope you are able to retrieve all your files.

  3. I empathize with you on the Mac. Have been there many times.. My clever huz showed me the way to ‘DroPic’ – a compressor device for images. It’s a great tool and helps the blog cope file size wise. Perhaps of help?

    Good luck with the Spring clean darling.


    P.s. That shade of tulips is fantastic. Tulips in any colour make me happy actually. One of my favourite flowers! x

  4. oh how i love that color. i can sympathize. my computer is doing the same thing…..ugh.
    enjoy the flowers.

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