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Hello, my fantastic buddies. Thanks for your kind words on my guest room. I need to replace the lamps and add a curtain rod. I’ll share the final pics of the whole room after that.The regrouting didn’t work as well as I had anticipated. Dont get me wrong, it looks MUCH better than before, just not as bright white as I had expected. I still have to scrub off the residue and clean it up….which I better get to soon.

However, not without introducing you to this week’s guest. Sharalee from Escapade – in search of a life more fabulous aka A life more fabulous blog. The first thing that had me hooked to her blog was a quote by Coco Chanel – “A girl should be two things, classy and fabulous”, yep, yep. That was followed by pages and pages of fresh bright interior, fashion and travel inspiration and now I cant do without my daily fix of a life more fabulous. Did you know Sharalee grew up in Zimbabwe? Yep and is well traveled.  I cant wait to share her current inspirations with you. Here she is…

A life more fabulous –

So excited to be invited to guest post here at Mochatini! I’ve been feeling especially inspired at the moment – right at the start of what I find to be the most exciting season. For me, Spring is always a time to get back to basics, clear away all the clutter and start afresh. I find myself craving delicate fabrics and crisp white sheets. Bright, open windows and light flooding through soft sheer curtains. Air space to clear your thoughts, breathe deeply, refresh and renew.









Thank you so much for having me.

Wishing you a happy + refreshing Spring!

{Photos: Miranda Kerr by Style Me Romy; Interiors: Adrian Briscoe for Living Etc, July 2004 via moodboard}

Dont forget to hop over to Sharalee’s blog Escapade – in search of a life more fabulous and say hello!!


  1. Thank you so much for having me!
    Glad you liked the images Piper (love your name!) – I think with moving next week and a mile long list of things to do, I’ve really been craving something carefree and relaxed so they appealed to me right away!

  2. These images brought such a smile to my face (and I needed it today!)…they just feel so breezy and carefree. I want to live in these pix 🙂

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