hello monday

Rise and shine! Its a brand new spring week. Some of you are probably still enjoying the long weekend or the last few days of spring break.. Lucky you, make the best of it. To the rest, hope you had a lovely weekend/easter celebration. Ours was short but really fun! We enjoyed our sunny garden, admired our blooming flower beds, relished fantastic dinners, laughed with friends under perfect spring skies and even worked on a small home improvement project. Ok, the hubby did, while I assisted ;-).  This one involves the garden and we decided to give a wasted space there a new look and purpose. details soon my dears.

this is a pic of my easter table. i got these lenox ming teacups at my local thrift store for guess how much….. $2!! some people just dont know the real value of vintage!

have a great week ahead! xo

image: manvi drona-hidalgo

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  1. I’ve said it before – I am so going vintage shopping with you one of these days! Lovely find, my friend (with the great eye!). Cyber hug, Mon

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