hello friends. I took an unexpected break from blogging to enjoy yesterday with my hubby and the outdoors. It feels good to step away from the computer every now and then.

all the tulips in my garden are nearing the end of their bloom and i will miss them. my tiny azalea plant have tiny pink flowers. i took some pics and will post those soon.

hope you are having a great week, its almost friday!!

image: from tumblr original owner unknown, please help me source it.


  1. I love this photo, it’s just so pretty! Hope you have a lovely relaxing weekend Manvi!

  2. Good for you!
    Little breaks are wonderful. Especially when it is with our lovely boys. 🙂

    I love LOVE this picture Manvi! It brought me right back to Sweden. We have poppy fields in the South of Sweden – or at least we did when I was little.
    Somewhere in my parent’s family albums from the 70s (!) is a photo of me walking through such field, with poppies, corn flowers and wild daisies growing amongst the wheat crops – up to my arm pits. Such a wonderful memory! I love picking flowers!

    Thanks for this. I will be smiling all day!

    xx Charlotta

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